The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale

Written by successful entrepreneur and author Joe Vitale, The Attractor Factor is one of the clearest models for attaining success using the Law of Attraction.

In the book, Vitale make a case for how combining a knowledge and application of the spiritual laws of the universe with common sense marketing savvy can catapult you to success in any field you choose.

In The Attractor Factor, Vitale lays out a series of five steps, which you can interpret both as steps and as guiding principles, that will propel you forward towards you desires. The 5 steps to attracting wealth and abundance are:

  1. Step One: The Springboard.
  2. Step Two: Dare Something Worthy.
  3. Step Three: The Missing Secret.
  4. Step Four: Nevillize Your Goals.
  5. Step Five: The Ultimate Secret.

Across all of these steps is a common theme: when you gain clarity with what your desire actually is, and focus on the idea that the desire isĀ already on its way to you, you will be guaranteed success. This can be applied to anything in life, whether you’re working to build a new business, improve your health, or repair a broken relationship.

The key is to understand what, exactly, you want to achieve, and then to visualize your way towards that success. This process goes beyond merely “thinking” about the thing you want — thinking by itself can often be misconstrued as wishful dreaming — and instead puts you into the driver’s seat for converting that thought to real world action.

While the steps offered in the book can be applied to many difference scenarios and situations, the focus is on monetary gain, and along with that, Vitale offers several tips and suggestions using his own experience with online marketing. He offers both personal experience and case studies of others to advocate for the development of an online business, which has the potential to generate endless wealth…all according to your mindset.

This book is an interesting read for anyone looking for real world demonstrations about the law of attraction, and how to apply those concepts to his own life.

The steps are clearly laid out, and there’s no question that Vitale has become an expert in this field, so overall its a worthwhile listen.